All new program jointly designed and developed by SLIMPLIFY+ and Master James Wong in helping you to …

Build more muscle and burn more fat in less time

The techniques in which Master James Wong will be sharing with you in this program took him years to develop and mastered. This means that you won't need to make all the mistakes and waste time getting to your goal via trial and error.

Maximize results while minimizing injuries

While weight training is an essential part of any fitness regimen, it can also leave you prone to injury. This is why Master James Wong will coach you to perfect form and amazing results with easy-to-follow steps via high-quality video guides.

Make constant progress

The Pilates Mastery program is designed for beginner to intermediate levels, this means you will experience constant progress at your own pace thus seeing the results you're after.

Eat right to maximize muscle gain and fat loss

Fitness isn’t all about building muscle and burning fat. It's just as important that you eat right, which is why the program includes a nutrition guide so that you can maximize your effort and seeing faster result in lesser time.

Note : The PILATES mastery video is a digital product.



for 15 Workout Days + Pilates

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