What age group and gender is SLIMPLIFY+ suitable for?

SLIMPLIFY+ is suitable for men and women aged 15 and above.

If i’m on medication, can i take SLIMPLIFY+?

We recommend you to take the ingredients list of the product to your doctor for review if you have any concern.

Do i need to exercise with SLIMPLIFY+?

Yes, adding some simple exercises and fitness routine for best results.

How do i take SLIMPLIFY+?

1- Mix one sachet with cold water, stir well, and consume immediately.

2- Drink one (1) Dark Chocolate Morning Boost every morning before breakfast.

3- Drink one (1) Mixed Berries Night Boost every night before sleep.

Do i need to control my diet if i take SLIMPLIFY+?

Yes, you can follow the SLIMPLIFY+ diet as shown here.