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Which gender and age group is SLIMPLIFY+ suitable for?

SLIMPLIFY+ is suitable for men and women and those over 15 years old.

Who would best benefit from SLIMPLIFY+?

Men and women who are fitness enthusiasts ; people who constantly exercise, workout and love body demanding hobbies such as cycling, badminton, hiking, swimming etc.

How and when should I drink SLIMPLIFY+?

The Slimplify consists of dark chocolate and mix berries sachet, add 1 sachet into 80ml-100ml of ice/warm water according to your preference, stir/shake well and drink immediately.

Dark Chocolate :
drink 30 minutes before exercise for workout days or before breakfast for non-workout days.

Mix Berries:
drink within 1 hour after exercise or before going to bed for non-workout days

How does Slimplify+ benefit me during my fitness regime?

The Dark Chocolate Pre-workout nutrients :
• Promote metabolism and fat burning
• Enhance physical fitness and muscle endurance
• Improve concentration and relieve stress

The Mix Berries Post-workout nutrients :
• Accelerate muscle recovery and strengthen muscles
• Strengthen joint cartilage and reduce inflammation
• Remove toxins from the body

Does SLIMPLIFY+ have fat burning function?

Yes! The Nutrients formulation in SLIMPLIFY+ such as
a) Rashberry Ketones - Improve metabolism, revitalize the body and spirit
b) Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) - avoid new fat accumulation
c) L-Carnitine - Convert body fat into energy

Will i experience any benefits without engaging in any exercise?

Yes. Daily movement and activities such as: doing housework: sweeping, mopping, ironing, walking up and down the stairs, window shopping, are a form of exercise too. The nutrition in SLIMPLIFY+ will improve the body's metabolism, fat burning and avoid fat accumulation, detoxification, intestinal cleansing and flatten belly.

Do I need to control my diet when taking the SLIMPLIFY+?

A healthy yet balance diet accordance to your fitness energy need is important. There is no need to deliberately go on a diet, do checkout the LEARN tab for food choice suggestion guideline.

SLIMPLIFY+ tastes sweet, will it cause put on weight?

Each pack of SLIMPLIFY+ nutrition pack has only 39kcal. It tastes delicious and does not cause weight gain.

Does SLIMPLIFY+ have halal certification?

Yes, the product is registered with relevant Health Authorities in the country of origin and is JAKIM HALAL Certified.

Can I drink SLIMPLIFY+ while taking medicine?

SLIMPLIFY+ contains nutrients needed by the human body and is generally safe for those on medicines. However, we would strongly recommend that you refer the product ingredients and consult with your medical professional if in doubt.

Where should I store the SLIMPLIFY+?

We recommend storing the product in a cool, dry location.

Slimplify+ FAQS